2 Full HD CCTV IP Cameras Package Dahua


2 Full HD CCTV IP Cameras Package by Dahua with Installation and 1-Year Warranty

2 x Dahua Full HD CCTV IP Camera 2MP (1080p), Waterproof and Nigh Vision CCTV Camera
1 x Dahua 4 Channel NVR (Network Video Recorder)
1 x 500GB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive
1 x 5 Ports PoE Network Switch (Transmission)
2 x Waterproof Box
300 Feet Cat6 Copper Wire


Dahua 2 Full HD CCTV IP Cameras Package: Includes Professional Installation and a 1-Year Warranty to Boost Your Security

The Dahua 2 Full HD CCTV IP Cameras Package is a complete solution that will enhance your home or business’s security and improve your surveillance skills. This package offers dependable safety around-the-clock by combining state-of-the-art IP camera technology with easy installation and a strong warranty.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Clarity: Two Dahua Full HD CCTV IP Cameras, each with a 2MP resolution (1080p), provide high-definition IP surveillance. These cutting-edge IP cameras provide dependable performance in a variety of settings with their excellent image quality, improved night vision capabilities, and weatherproof design.
  2. Network Video Recording: A Dahua 4 Channel NVR (Network Video Recorder) is part of the package, which makes it possible to record and playback high-definition video from your IP cameras with ease. You can effortlessly monitor and control your security system from any location thanks to its user-friendly interface and remote access capabilities.
  3. Plenty of Storage Space: The 500GB observation Hard Drive that comes with the package will protect your recordings and offer you plenty of room to store data for longer durations of observation. You may be confident that important moments are recorded and saved since your video is safely kept.
  4. Transmission Reliability: The integrated 5-port PoE network switch ensures reliable and effective data transfer. With just one Ethernet connection needed for both network and power, this switch streamlines setup by cutting down on cable clutter and installation time. It also powers your IP cameras.
  5. Installation and Warranty: Take advantage of expert installation services to guarantee the best positioning and operation of your CCTV IP cameras and NVR. Better still, a comprehensive 1-year warranty that covers any unanticipated problems or malfunctions will give you peace of mind.

Invest in proactive property protection by upgrading your security system with the Dahua 2 Full HD CCTV IP Cameras Package today. You can be sure that your surveillance system will be efficient and long-lasting thanks to its cutting-edge features, easy installation procedure, and reliable warranty. Use Dahua to safeguard what is most important.

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