8 HD CCTV Cameras Package Dahua


8 HD CCTV Cameras Package by Dahua with Installation and 1-Year Warranty

8 x Dahua HD CCTV Camera 1MP (720p), Waterproof and Nigh Vision CCTV Camera
1 x Dahua 8 Channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
1 x 500GB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive
8 x 12v – 2 Amp Power Supply
8 x Video Balun Pair
8 x Waterproof Box
550 Feet Cat6 Copper Wire


Upgrade your security with the Dahua 8 HD CCTV Cameras Package, which includes Professional Installation and 1-Year Warranty

The Dahua 8 HD CCTV Cameras Package can help you monitor your property more efficiently and secure it better. To ensure dependable protection around-the-clock, this complete security solution provides cutting-edge features, a smooth installation process, and an extensive warranty.

Key Features:

  1. High-Definition Surveillance: Eight Dahua HD CCTV Cameras, each with a 1MP resolution (720p) to provide crisp, detailed footage, are included in the bundle. These cameras function dependably in a variety of lighting conditions and weather situations because to their weatherproof and night vision features.
  2. DVR for Continuous Recording: Up to eight cameras can record simultaneously with the included Dahua 8 Channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder). You can easily and remotely manage your surveillance system from any location with its user-friendly interface and remote access options.
  3. Large Storage Capacity: Protect your records with the 500GB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive that comes with the package. It provides enough of room to save important video footage. You can be sure that your recordings are immediately accessible and safely archived for future use.
  4. Essential Accessories: For effective power supply and signal transmission to your CCTV cameras, eight 12v – 2 Amp Power Supplies and eight Video Balun Pairs are provided. For a safe installation and dependable connectivity, eight waterproof boxes and 550 feet of cat6 copper wire are also included.
  5. Expert Installation and Guarantee: Take advantage of expert installation services to guarantee the best positioning and operation of your DVR and CCTV cameras. Additionally, take comfort in knowing that a thorough 1-year warranty is in place to cover any unforeseen problems or malfunctions.

With the Dahua 8 HD CCTV Cameras Package, you can upgrade your security system right now and take preventative measures to protect your property. You can rely on the efficiency and durability of your surveillance system thanks to its cutting-edge features, easy installation procedure, and solid warranty. Use Dahua to safeguard the things that are most important.

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