Dahua IP Camera 8MP IPC-HDBW7842E1-Z-X

8MP IR Dome WizMind Network Camera

  • 8-MP 1/1.8″ CMOS sensor, low luminance, high definition.
  • Outputs max. 8 MP (3840 × 2160) @50/60 fps.
  • Built-in IR LED, max. illumination distance 40 m.
  • ROI, flexible coding for various bandwidth/storage environments.
  • Dual intelligent functions: face recognition + people counting, face detection + people counting, PPE Detection + IVS.
  • Supports deep learning features: face recognition, face detection, IVS, people counting, video metadata, PPE Detection, parking space management, ANPR.
  • Privacy Protection: Automatic mosaics over faces/bodies.
  • Built-in Hi-Fi speaker, 20 m auditory range.
  • Sound Management: Dual MICs, noise reduction, non-human voice filtering.
  • Alarm: 3 in, 2 out; audio: 1 in, 1 out; RS-485; BNC; supports max. 512 GB Micro SD card.
  • Dual MICs, 1-ch speaker, supports two-way talk.
  • Power: 12 VDC/24 VAC/PoE+ (802.3at)/ePoE, 12 VDC power output.
  • IP67 and IK10 protection, optional anti-corrosion coating.

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Camera Specifications Overview

Image Sensor and Resolution:

  • Sensor: 1/1.8″ CMOS
  • Max Resolution: 3840 (H) × 2160 (V)
  • Scanning System: Progressive


  • ROM: 8 GB
  • RAM: 4 GB

Shutter Speed and Illumination:

  • Electronic Shutter Speed: Auto/Manual 1/3 s–1/100,000 s
  • Minimum Illumination:
  • S/N Ratio: >56 dB

Illumination and Adjustment:

  • Illumination Distance: Up to 40 m (131.23 ft) (IR)
  • Illuminator On/Off Control: Auto
  • Illuminator Number: 3 (IR LED)
  • Angle Adjustment:
    • Pan: 0-355°
    • Tilt: 0-90°
    • Rotation: 0-355°

Lens Specifications:

  • Lens Type: Motorized vari-focal
  • Lens Mount: φ16
  • Focal Length: 2.7 mm–12 mm
  • Max. Aperture: F1.2
  • Field of View:
    • Horizontal: 105°–48°
    • Vertical: 55°–27°
    • Diagonal: 124°–55°
  • Iris Control: Auto (P-Iris)
  • Close Focus Distance: 1.8 m (5.91 ft)

DORI Distance:

  • Wide (W):
    • Detect: 87.6 m (287.40 ft)
    • Observe: 35 m (114.93 ft)
    • Recognize: 17.5 m (57.41 ft)
    • Identify: 8.8 m (28.87 ft)
  • Tele (T):
    • Detect: 186.6 m (612.20 ft)
    • Observe: 74.6 m (244.20 ft)
    • Recognize: 37.3 m (122.38 ft)
    • Identify: 18.7 m (61.35 ft)

Smart Events and Intelligence:

  • IVS: Abandoned object, missing object
  • EPTZ: Yes
  • IVS (Perimeter Protection): Intrusion, tripwire, fast moving, loitering detection, people gathering, parking detection, privacy protection
  • Face Detection: Includes features like face tracking, snapshot optimization, face enhancement, and attributes extraction
  • Face Recognition: Supports both general and counting modes, with capabilities for face databases and comparison
  • PPE Detection: Monitors for workwear, face masks, safety gear, etc.
  • People Counting: Tripwire, area, and queue management with reporting capabilities
  • Heat Map: Yes
  • ANPR: License plate recognition, vehicle attributes detection, and parking space management
  • Video Metadata: Detection of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, faces, and human bodies, with detailed attribute extraction

Video Specifications:

  • Compression: H.265, H.264, MJPEG (sub stream only)
  • Smart Codec: Smart H.265+, Smart H.264+
  • Frame Rate:
    • Default: Up to 3840 × 2160@(1–30 fps)
    • High Frame Rate: Up to 3840 × 2160@(1–60 fps)
  • Stream Capability: 5 streams
  • Resolution: Up to 8M (3840 × 2160)
  • Bit Rate Control: CBR/VBR
  • Video Bit Rate: H.264 (32 kbps–16384 kbps), H.265 (12 kbps–12800 kbps)
  • Day/Night: Auto(ICR)/Color/B/W
  • BLC, HLC, WDR (120 dB), SSA, White Balance, Gain Control, 3D NR, Motion Detection, RoI, EIS, Smart Illumination, Defog, Image Rotation, Mirror, Privacy Masking


  • Built-in Dual MICs and Speaker
  • Compression: G.711a, G.711Mu, PCM, G.726, G.723


  • Events: Include SD card issues, network disconnection, IP conflict, motion detection, video tampering, various IVS events, and more

Network and Storage:

  • Port: RJ-45 (10/100/1000 Base-T)
  • Protocol: IPv4/IPv6, HTTP, TCP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTMP, and more
  • Storage: FTP/SFTP, Micro SD card (up to 512 GB), NAS

Browser and Software:

  • Browser Compatibility: IE11+, Chrome 88+, Firefox 47.0.2+
  • Management Software: SmartPSS Lite, DSS, DMSS
  • Mobile Client: iOS, Android

Cyber Security:

  • Features include configuration encryption, secure boot, video encryption, and more



Ports and Power:

  • RS-485, Audio Input/Output, Alarm Input/Output, Analog Output
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC/24 VAC/PoE+ (802.3at)/ePoE
  • Power Consumption: Basic (6.6 W), Max (25.2 W), Heating (5.47 W)

Environmental and Physical:

  • Operating Temperature: –40 °C to +65 °C
  • Humidity: Operating (≤95%), Storage (10–95%)
  • Protection: IP67, IK10, Anti-Corrosion Protection (optional)
  • Dimensions: 118.0 mm × Φ159.0 mm
  • Weight: Net (1.16 kg), Gross (1.36 kg)

This camera is equipped with advanced features suitable for various surveillance applications, offering high resolution, extensive smart functionalities, and robust environmental protection.


Image Sensor 1/1.8″ CMOS
Max. Resolution 3840 (H) × 2160 (V)
Scanning System Progressive
Electronic Shutter Speed Auto/Manual 1/3 s–1/100,000 s
Min. Illumination 0.0006 [email protected] (Color, 30 IRE)
0.0003 [email protected] (B/W, 30 IRE)
0 lux (Illuminator on)
S/N Ratio >56 dB
Illumination Distance Up to 40 m (131.23 ft) (IR)
Illuminator On/Off Control Auto
Illuminator Number 3 (IR LED)
Angle Adjustment Pan: 0-355°

Tilt: 0-90°

Rotation: 0-355°

Lens Type Motorized vari-focal
Lens Mount φ16
Focal Length 2.7 mm–12 mm
Max. Aperture F1.2
Field of View H: 105°–48°; V: 55°–27°; D: 124°–55°
Iris Control Auto
Iris Control Type P-Iris
Close Focus Distance 1.8 m (5.91 ft)
DORI Distance Lens Detect Observe Recognize Identify
W 87.6 m (287.40 ft) 35 m

(114.93 ft)

17.5 m

(57.41 ft)

8.8 m

(28.87 ft)

T 186.6 m (612.20 ft) 74.6 m

(244.20 ft)

37.3 m

(122.38 ft)

18.7 m

(61.35 ft)

DORI (Detect, Observe, Recognize, Identify) is a standard system (EN-62676-4) for defining the ability of a person viewing the video to distinguish persons or objects within a covered area. The numbers in this table do not reflect intelligent function distances. For intelligent function distances, refer to installation and commissioning manual/project design tool.
Smart Event
IVS Abandoned object; missing object
IVS (Perimeter Protection) Intrusion, tripwire, fast moving (the three functions support the classification and accurate detection of vehicle and human); loitering detection, people gathering, and parking detection;privacy protection
Face Detection Face detection; track; snapshot; snapshot optimization; optimal face snapshot upload; face enhancement; face exposure; face attributes extraction including 6 attributes and 8 expressions; face snapshot set as face or one inch photo; snapshot strategies (real-time snapshot, quality priority and optimization snapshot); face angle filter; optimization time setting; privacy protection
Face Recognition There are two modes: General mode and counting mode.

General mode:

Face detection; snapshot; snapshot optimization; optimal face snapshot upload; face enhancement; face exposure; face attributes extraction including 6 attributes and 8 expressions; face snapshot set as face or one inch photo; snapshot strategies (recognition priority and optimization snapshot); face angle filter; optimization time setting;

privacy protection.

Supports adding 5 group face databases; registering person one by one or in batches; setting face similarity; and supports face comparison with the face database containing up to 200,000 face pictures.

Counting mode:

Offers advanced customer counter, filters out specified faces from the face database, and exports reports both before and after removing duplicate faces.

PPE Detection Triggers alarms when the detected object matches or does not match all of the configured attributes (workwear,hat,face mask,apron,gloves,shoe covers,boots,seatbelt,safety vest); privacy protection
People Counting Tripwire people counting, generating and exporting report (day/week/month/year); people counting in area and queue management, generating and exporting report (day/week/month); 4 rules can be set for tripwire people counting, people counting in area and queue management; privacy protection
Heat Map Yes
ANPR ANPR: ANPR, track, priority, snapshot.

Vehicle attributes: License plate, vehicle type, vehicle color.

Other attributes: Seat belt, smoking, calling.

Suppor up to 10,000 blocklist records and 10,000 allowlist records. The camera can recognize plate numbers of vehicles moving at speeds of up to 60km/h.

Parking Space Management Parking Space Management: Manage outdoor and planned parking lots; manage parking spaces in multiple areas; display the total number of parking spaces and parking spaces that are available; trigger alarms based on a predefined number of vehicles.
Video Metadata Motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle, face, and human body detection; snapshot; snapshot optimization; optimal face snapshot upload.Motor vehicle attributes: License plate, vehicle type, vehicle color, vehicle logo, seatbelt, smoking, and calling.Generates flow statistics for people, motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles based on the direction, and exports reports.Non-motor vehicle attributes: Type, vehicle color, number of people, top type and color, and hat.Human body attributes: Top and bottom type and color, bag, hat, gender and umbrella.privacy protection
Smart Search Work together with Smart NVR to perform refine intelligent search, event extraction and merging to event videos
Video Compression H.265; H.264; H.264H; H.264B; MJPEG (Only supported by the sub stream)
Smart Codec Smart H.265+; Smart H.264+
Video Frame Rate Default:

Main Stream: 3840 × 2160@(1–25/30 fps)

Sub stream: 1920×1080@(1–25/30 fps)

Third stream: 1920 × 1080@(1–25/30 fps)

Fourth stream: 1920 × 1080@(1–25/30 fps)

Fifth stream: 704 × 576@(1–25 fps)/704 × 480@(1–30 fps)

High Frame Rate:

Main Stream: 3840 × 2160@(1–50/60 fps)

Sub stream: 1920×1080@(1–25/30 fps)

Stream Capability 5 streams
Resolution 8M (3840 × 2160); 6M (3072 × 2048); 5M (3072×1728); 5M (2592 × 1944); 4M (2688 × 1520); 3M (2048 × 1536); 3M (2304 × 1296) 1080p (1920 × 1080); 1.3M (1280 × 960); 720p (1280 × 720); D1 (704 × 576/704 × 480); CIF (352 × 288/352 × 240)
Bit Rate Control CBR/VBR
Video Bit Rate H.264: 32 kbps–16384 kbps; H.264: 12 kbps–12800 kbps
Day/Night Auto(ICR)/Color/B/W
WDR 120 dB
Scene Self-adaptation (SSA) Yes
White Balance Auto; natural; street lamp; outdoor; manual; regional custom
Gain Control Auto
Noise Reduction 3D NR
Motion Detection OFF/ON (4 areas, rectangular)
Region of Interest (RoI) Yes (4 areas)
Image Stabilization Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
Smart Illumination Yes
Defog Yes
Image Rotation 0°/90°/180°/270° (Support 90°/270° with 2688 × 1520 resolution and lower)
Mirror Yes
Privacy Masking 8 areas
Built-in MIC Dual MICs
Built-in Speaker Yes
Audio Compression G.711a; G.711Mu; PCM; G.726; G.723
Alarm Event No SD card; SD card full; SD card error; network disconnection; IP conflict; illegal access; motion detection; video tampering; tripwire; intrusion; fast moving; abandoned object; missing object; loitering detection; people gathering; parking detection; parking space management; scene changing; audio detection; defocus detection; external alarm; face detection; face recognition; video metadata; ANPR; people counting in area; stay alarm; people counting; people number error detection; people stay detection; security exception; PPE detection
Network Port RJ-45 (10/100/1000 Base-T)
SDK and API Yes
Interoperability ONVIF (Profile S/Profile G/Profile T); CGI; P2P
User/Host 20 (Total bandwidth: 340 M)
Storage FTP;SFTP; Micro SD card (support max. 512 GB); NAS
Browser IE: IE11 and later;
Chrome: Chrome 88.0.4324.190 and later;
Firefox: Firefox 47.0.2 and later
Management Software SmartPSS Lite; DSS; DMSS
Mobile Client iOS; Android
Cyber Security Configuration encryption;Trusted execution;Digest;Security logs;WSSE;Account lockout;syslog;Video encryption;802.1x;IP/MAC filtering;HTTPS;Trusted upgrade;Trusted boot;Firmware encryption;Generation and importing of X.509 certification
Certifications CE-LVD: EN62368-1;
CE-EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU;
FCC: 47 CFR FCC Part 15, Subpart B;
UL/CUL: UL62368-1 & CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1-14
RS-485 1 (baud rate range:1200 bps–115200 bps)
Audio Input 1 channel (RCA port)
Audio Output 1 channel (RCA port)
Alarm Input 3 channels in: wet contact, 5mA 3V–5V DC
Alarm Output 2 channels out: dry contact, 1,000mA 30V DC/500mA

50V AC

Analog Output 1 channel (CVBS output: BNC)
Power Output 12 VDC power output, max. current 165 mA, peak current 700 mA
Power Supply 12 VDC/24 VAC/PoE+ (802.3at)/ePoE
Power Consumption Basic: 6.6 W (12 VDC); 9.3 W (24 VAC); 9.8 W (PoE)
Max. (ICR switch + IR intensity): 18.7 W (12 VDC); 24.8 W (24 VAC); 25.2 W (PoE)
Heating: 3 W (12 VDC); 4.6 W (24 VAC); 5.47 W (PoE)
Operating Temperature –40 °C to +65 °C (–40 °F to +149 °F)
Operating Humidity ≤95%
Storage Temperature –40 °C to +65 °C (–40 °F to +149 °F)
Storage Humidity 10–95%
Protection IP67, IK10, Anti-Corrosion Protection (optional)
Casing Material Metal + plastic
Product Dimensions 118.0 mm × Φ159.0 mm (4.65″ × Φ6.26″)
Net Weight 1.16 kg (2.56 lb)
Gross Weight 1.36 kg (3.00 lb)

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