Enhancing Security and Functionality Introducing Dahua WizSense's Latest PTZ Technology

Enhancing Security and Functionality: Introducing Dahua WizSense’s Latest PTZ Technology

In the realm of video-centric AIoT solutions, Dahua Technology continues to lead the way with its latest innovation: the AII-NEW PTZ. Standing for ‘AI In Enhanced WizSense PTZ,’ this groundbreaking release represents a significant leap forward in both functionality and security within the PTZ WizSense Series.

Elevated Intelligence: New Features

Building upon its existing intelligent capabilities such as Perimeter Protection and Smart Motion Detection (SMD), the AII-NEW PTZ introduces a host of AI-enabled functions designed to empower users with enhanced surveillance capabilities:

Auto Patrol

Auto Patrol

This intelligent feature automates key preset point patrols triggered by IVS rules for human and vehicle targets. With up to 5 preset points, the camera seamlessly transitions between each point, optimizing monitoring efficiency and reducing the workload on security personnel. The Alarm Linkage function further enhances security by activating SMD alarms upon detecting moving targets within preset points.



Acting as a real-time video search engine, AcuPick facilitates quick identification of human and vehicle targets during or after events. Its intuitive interface enables users to locate relevant video recordings effortlessly, whether to find a lost individual or gather evidence for property damage incidents.

Construction Detection

Construction Detection

Leveraging AI technology, this feature ensures safe operation and progress on-site. From Lone Working Detection to PPE Detection, it provides real-time monitoring of safety protocols and work progress, enhancing overall workplace safety.

People Counting

Tracking and processing moving human targets enables accurate statistics on individuals entering, leaving, and present within the monitored area. This invaluable feature offers businesses actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Hardware Reinforcements

Complementing its intelligent functions, the Dahua WizSense Series undergoes significant hardware upgrades to meet the evolving needs of users across diverse application scenarios:

Expanded View

The X-Spans Series expands camera views, providing panoramic images and details in one camera. With global monitoring capabilities and intelligent modes tailored for various scenarios, it’s an ideal solution for large-scale environments such as stadiums, plazas, and industrial parks.

Enhanced Vision

The SD3E Series boasts 10x optical zoom, delivering superior detail capture and shooting flexibility. This enhanced capability ensures high-quality performance, even in long-distance shooting scenarios.

Extended Illumination

Equipped with more powerful IR illuminators, the SD29 and SD1A Series enhance low-light performance, capturing critical details during nighttime surveillance.

Enhanced Durability

With stronger cables capable of withstanding 4 to 5 times more PTZ rotations, the latest WizSense products ensure long-lasting reliability, minimizing maintenance requirements.

Sustainable Packaging

In line with its commitment to sustainability, all WizSense products now feature Kraft Protective Boxes. These eco-friendly boxes offer superior protection while minimizing packaging volume, aligning with sustainable development goals and reducing transportation costs.


With the introduction of the AII-NEW PTZ and its array of intelligent functions, combined with hardware upgrades and sustainable packaging solutions, Dahua Technology continues to redefine the standards of security and functionality in the surveillance industry. As businesses and organizations prioritize safety and efficiency, the WizSense Series stands ready to meet their evolving needs with innovation and reliability.

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